and What It Can Do for Your Decision Making:

Deliberations is written for the thinking investor, as an input to your own deliberations on markets.

Every third week you get to look over the shoulder of an experienced global analyst, see his charts, and read his commentary as he reviews the major world equity, bond, forex and precious metals markets.

The Best Charts in the Business
Some readers think of Deliberations as a chart service with commentary. A truly unique feature is the careful creation of timely, unusual graphic presentations that often speak for themselves. The charts in Deliberations are designed by a veteran of the world of finance (with 40+ years of experience). Seeing the markets through his charts affords subscribers a rare opportunity to benefit from his experience..  

Most of the charts are custom made to Mr. McAvity's specifications by Topline Investment Graphics of Boulder, Colorado; with concepts, notations and trendlines by Ian McAvity

No conventional wisdom here
Deliberations provides the thinking investor with many views, often controversial ideas, periodic jabs at the madness of the political process or craziness within the markets. A voice of caution to many, but a voice of reason to others. Unconventional perspectives from Deliberations have often become the mainstream view in time, providing profitable opportunities for those who anticipate change.

The two pages from the January 18, 2000 issue
that inspired the Bubble chart, over a year later in The Wall Street Journal are an excellent example of the kind of analysis contained in every issue.

"Ian McAvity...he is one of the best technical analysts around."

Fear, Greed and the End of the Rainbow
Andrew Sarlos,
Key-Porter Books, 1997


It is not a tip sheet/tout sheet with stock picks or specific trading advice. It is not a short term timing service. No accompanying hotline to call, faxed bulletins, or 1-900 number hourly updates.

It is not rated by the rating services, because a long term readership that ranges from the most sophisticated professional investors, to relative beginners, in dozens of countries around the world, have such diverse needs and interests in the markets that no simple summary advice really fits. For some readers, long term may mean a few days or weeks; while for others it may mean years. We leave the application of our ideas to the readers, with no preaching, and no boasting about past calls.

Many readers view Deliberations as a quick international tour of world markets that is more educational than advisory. It is primarily based on technical analysis that is highly readable, but not over-weighted with technical jargon.

A typical issue of Deliberations is more than 50% charts,
with lots of trendlines and notations
to focus the non-technician on the message.

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